Guide To Perfection is the creation of author David J. Saffold who is dedicated to helping people create a fulfilling and vibrant life through the power of belief and the unconditional love of God. If you are struggling under the destructive effects of addiction to alcohol and drugs or simply want to leave perpetual discontent behind and begin living a life filled with purpose, meaning, and prosperity then you are in the right place!

Dave’s personal experiences with depression, anxiety, hopelessness, and addiction has given him his purpose and passion for helping people free themselves from the devastating effects of destructive core beliefs. He has spent much of his adult life investigating the phenomenal power of the human belief system and how it works to create our experience of life.

In Dave’s own words: “There were two pivotal times in my life that have made me what I am today. The first was when I was twenty-five years old on the death march with alcohol addiction. I had given up all hope and was preparing to die when the miracle happened. Somehow, I made a tiny connection to the power of God and I was restored to vibrant life and the addiction to alcohol and drugs fell away, never to return.

The second was in my late thirties, after 12 years of living addiction free, when life again collapsed around me. What happened to me? How could I end up, once again, in the grips of such hopelessness, despair, and failure? Why did I seemingly keep failing at life? Why did life always seem so threatening and why was I always feeling so angry and discontented? I truly desired purpose and meaning in my life! I truly wanted something very different than the small, unimportant, dismal, and discontented life I seemed to be trapped within! But this time around I could not blame my failures in life on alcohol and drugs! What was I to do? If I was to finally be truly free to live life to my fullest potential I had to finally do the inner work that led to connecting to the awesome power found in the unconditional love of God.

Both of these major events involved a battle with internal forces that were destroying my life. It was my battle with the forces within me that led me to begin investigating the human belief system and the power found in the unconditional love of God. My intense drive to understand and leverage the life-changing power of belief by connecting to the awesome power found in the unconditional love of God are what led to me to write the books Recovering Reality and Creating The Impossible.”

David J. Saffold was born in Atlanta GA in 1964, and grew up in Columbus, GA. He has a B.S. in Applied Physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) and is a graduate of the auric and kabbalistic healing programs at The School of Healing Arts at The Estuary in Nashville, Tennessee.

He lives and works in Nashville, TN USA.