Guide To Perfection is the creation of author David J. Saffold who is dedicated to helping people create a fulfilling and vibrant life through the power of belief and the unconditional love of God.

David J. Saffold is not only an accomplished author but also a dedicated minister, pastoral counselor, and life coach. His unique approach to transformation through Spiritual Psychology has empowered many to unearth and reshape the core beliefs that subconsciously govern their lives. David’s expertise illuminates the path to healing across all facets of existence—be it in relationships, health, financial stability, or personal growth. By guiding individuals to embrace the unconditional love of God, he fosters a profound metamorphosis, liberating them from the chains of destructive patterns and addictions. His work is a testament to the power of spiritual connection in reclaiming the vibrancy of life’s emotional force and energy. He lives and works in Nashville, TN USA.

Destructive core beliefs (patterns and behaviors)
Alcohol and drug addiction
Spiritual and emotional transformation and growth
12-step spiritual program of recovery

BS applied physics Georgia Institute of Technology
Auric (Human Energy Field) Healing
Kabbalistic Healing
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
12-Step programs
Human Belief System
Coach Training Alliance Certified Coach (CTACC)

Harnessing the Power of God
Recovering Reality: Understanding the Spiritual Program of Recovery for Addiction to Alcohol and Drugs