• Author: David J. Saffold
  • Publisher: Guide To Perfection LLC
  • Publication Date: Coming Soon
  • Formats: eBook, Paperback, Audiobook
  • Price: $9.99

Includes companion video course with book purchase and subscription!

If you are tired of living the life of perpetual discontent then you are in the right place! “Creating The Impossible” gives you all the tools you need to begin creating a vibrant life full of purpose, meaning, and prosperous opportunity. Take back your power from the destructive core beliefs that are keeping you down and draining you of the confidence and power necessary to build the life of your dreams. Start learning how to create the impossible NOW!

  • Discover why you keep failing to realize your true ambitions in life
  • Understand the powerful inner forces called destructive core beliefs and how they keep you stuck in a life of perpetual discontent
  • Learn how to create a vital connection with the power that transforms the impossible into the possible – The Unconditional Love of God!

Book Chapter Synopsis

  • Chapter 1 – Living Life at Your Full Potential
  • Chapter 2 – The Power of Belief
  • Chapter 3 – Collective Beliefs
  • Chapter 4 – Personal Core Beliefs
  • Chapter 5 – Destructive Beliefs
  • Chapter 6 – Your Personal World
  • Chapter 7 – The Idea of God
  • Chapter 8 – Creating Your New Inner Parent
  • Chapter 9 – Expanding Your Personal Power
  • Chapter 10 – Challenging Your Destructive Beliefs
  • Chapter 11 – Rebirth
  • Chapter 12 – Worshipping False Gods
  • Chapter 13 – Perfection