• Author: David J. Saffold
  • Publisher: Guide To Perfection LLC
  • Publication Date: 14/04/2021

The spiritual program of recovery is still the most effective path to lasting freedom from addiction to alcohol and drugs!

Recovering Reality gives you the vital understanding required to successfully implement the spiritual program of recovery.

For eons people have been miraculously freed from the destruction that comes with addiction to alcohol and drugs. This seeming miracle is usually manifested as a religious or spiritual experience in the addicted person which effectively heals the underlying psychology that is responsible for the addiction. The problem is that this life changing spiritual experience is so mysterious that it is relegated to the realm of the phenomenal. This is as far as most people get in their understanding of how the spiritual program of recovery from addiction works. But it does work as witnessed and experienced by so many who have been saved from destruction and restored to vibrant life.

Since 1990, Author David J. Saffold has attended thousands of AA meetings and helped hundreds of people begin their recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs. His own miraculous resurrection from certain death at the hands of severe addiction to alcohol and drugs propelled him to devote his life to investigating how to successfully use the spiritual program of recovery to create lasting freedom from addiction. In Recovering Reality he shows you the aspects of your psychology that is responsible for addiction as well as how to make the vital changes needed to produce lasting recovery. The author knows first hand the torture and devastation that addiction creates. With over 30 years of living addiction free he is someone who knows what he is talking about!

In Recovering Reality, you will:

  • Awaken to the irresistible power of your personal core belief system and how it keeps you on the downward spiral of addiction.
  • Discover why you keep returning to alcohol and drugs no matter how much you want to quit.
  • Learn how to take back your power and free yourself from addiction once and for all using the power found in the unconditional love of God.
  • Start transforming into the incredible person you truly are and be wonderfully surprised as your life keeps becoming more prosperous, meaningful, and relevant.

Special Bonus! Included is a working explanation of the 12-step spiritual program of recovery of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

Get your copy of Recovering Reality and get on the true path to lasting freedom!

Book Chapter Synopsis

  • Chapter 1 – Alcohol and Drug Addiction
  • Chapter 2 – The Power of Belief
  • Chapter 3 – Collective Beliefs
  • Chapter 4 – Personal Core Beliefs
  • Chapter 5 – Destructive Beliefs
  • Chapter 6 – Your Personal World
  • Chapter 7 – The Idea of God
  • Chapter 8 – Creating Your New Inner Parent
  • Chapter 9 – Expanding Your Personal Power
  • Chapter 10 – Challenging Your Destructive Beliefs
  • Chapter 11 – Rebirth
  • Chapter 12 – Worshipping False Gods
  • Appendix 1 – The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous