• Course Instructor: David J. Saffold
  • Course Description: Book companion video course
  • Price: Free with book purchase and subscription

This course is the companion video course for the book Recovering Reality. In this video, the author explains and helps you implement the concepts described in the book. It is highly recommended that you read the book before taking this course!

The course focuses on the main concepts presented in the book. First, we take a deep dive into the power of beliefs. Then we move on to the idea of God and how to connect with a source of power that will free you from the destructive need to use alcohol and drugs.

Course Outline

  • The power of Beliefs ~ how life really works ~
  • Your personal core beliefs ~ how they create your experience of life ~
  • Destructive beliefs ~ how and why they keep you needing to use alcohol and drugs ~
  • The Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Dimensions ~ understanding reality ~
  • The idea of God ~ from skeptic to WOW! ~
  • Connecting to the Unconditional Love of God ~ the cure for addiction to alcohol and drugs ~
  • Challenging your destructive beliefs ~ the truth will set you free ~
  • The process of rebirth ~ getting comfortable with the real YOU ~
  • Continuing to build your new beliefs ~ no more relapsing ~
  • Appendix: Working and understanding the 12 step spiritual program of recovery.