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David J. Saffold

"My passion is helping people discover their Perfection and bringing all of their light into their lives and the world."

David Saffold is an Author, Professional Life Coach, Pastoral Counselor, and Integrative Healer specializing in helping people overcome negative and destructive core beliefs by creating an authentic and foundational relationship with their personal God and themselves.

His personal experiences with depression, hopelessness, addiction, suicide, and personal failure has given him his purpose and passion for helping people free themselves from the devastating effects of destructive core beliefs. He has spent much of his adult life investigating the phenomenal power of the human belief system and how it works to create our experience of life.

For over 20 years, David Saffold has been helping people free themselves from destructive addictions, achieve career, financial, and life ambitions, and mature in their spirituality and in their relationships with others, themselves, and God.

David is a graduate of the auric and kabbalistic healing programs at The School of Healing Arts at The Estuary in Nashville, Tennessee.

Photo of David Saffold

"I was born in Atlanta GA in 1964, and pretty much grew up in Columbus, GA. I spent six years in the Panama Canal Zone as a military brat from ages 10 - 16. I have a BS in Applied Physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech).

I never really knew what I wanted to be when I grew up until around age 43. It was on a fateful flight to Dallas, TX when I discovered what I really wanted to do with myself - my special purpose. Before that time, I have been a patent agent, a manufacturing engineer, and a database and web applications developer.

There were two pivotal times in my life that have made me what I am today. The first was as a young man of 25 on the death march with alcohol addiction. The second was when I was around 38 years old. Both times involved a battle with internal forces that were destroying my life. It was my battle with the forces within me that led me to begin investigating the human belief system. My intense drive to understand and manage the power of belief, and my work helping others redirect and change their beliefs led to my groundbreaking debut book, A Beginner’s Guide to Perfection.

Please help me spread the good news by writing a customer review and telling others about how A Beginner’s Guide to Perfection has helped you."

Many Blessings,
David J Saffold