While meditating one night I felt a deep since of gratitude and love wash over me as I communed with God’s unconditional love for me and my own unconditional love for God. As I felt the aches and pain in my fifty-six year old body, I thanked God for making me human. Most of all, I was thankful to God for the love I feel for other people and my desire to help others break free from the inner hell that is preventing them from building a vibrant life full of meaning, purpose, prosperity, and wonderful opportunity. These feelings were so powerful that my eyes welled up with tears.

I became aware of that part of me that still can’t believe. Hadn’t I come to young adulthood destructively addicted to alcohol and drugs. What about all those times I wanted to die. Hadn’t I put a gun to my head when I was twenty-five years old and pulled the trigger! And even after I was miraculously freed of addiction to alcohol and drugs, hadn’t I still felt trapped in a world of perpetual discontent that seemed filled to the brim with anxiety, depression, fear, and anger!

Looking back I see how lost I had been most of my adult life – a powerless child trying to succeed in a world full of powerful people. Sure, I made lots of grand beginnings but never could quite succeed in making my lofty ambitions a reality in my life. No matter how hard I tried to get something I really wanted in life I kept ending up where I started. But that is all long ago now. I am not that person anymore – not by a long shot!

If you truly want to change your outer world then you have to change your inner world. There are two things you need to do if you want to break free from a small dismal life into a larger experience of life full of passion, purpose, importance, and unlimited prosperity and opportunity. First off, you have to come to grips with the powerful inner forces that are holding your back in life – the destructive beliefs dominating your personal core belief system.

Once you have awakened and are aware of how your life really works, you need to build a vital connection with the unlimited power flowing through the unconditional love of God. Why do you need to do that, you ask? Because you need to tap into a source of power that is able to handle the massive power of the destructive beliefs that are dominating your personal core beliefs. Trying to take on your deeply ingrained destructive beliefs with your own unaided will power is pure insanity! Your unaided conscious will power is a product of your destructive core beliefs which means you are trying to change something using the very thing you are trying to change. This is why you stay stuck in the life you have been trying so hard to transform. This is why your ambitions seem to come to naught no matter how much effort and conviction you are able to summon.

The books Recovering Reality and Creating The Impossible are really one book written for two distinct audiences. Recovering Reality is a special edition written specifically for people struggling with destructive addiction to alcohol and drugs. If you are struggling with addiction to alcohol and drugs then you must first take care of the addiction before you can start tackling life itself. I came to young adulthood in the grips of a destructive addiction to alcohol and drugs. It was after the alcohol and drugs were gone from my life that I was able to do the inner work required to start building a life that I couldn’t even dream of when in active addiction.

Creating The Impossible is written for people not struggling in destructive addiction but who are struggling with life itself. and truly desire something more substantial in their lives.

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