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With the groudbreaking new book
A Beginner’s Guide to Perfection

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With the groudbreaking new book
A Beginner’s Guide to Perfection

Buy on Amazon! >>

With the groudbreaking new book
A Beginner’s Guide to Perfection

Buy on Amazon!

Your freedom from addiction begins with the powerful new book

A Beginner's Guide To Perfection

A Beginner’s Guide to Perfection is truly groundbreaking! By reading this book you will understand how your life really works and why you keep returning to your addiction.

You will learn about the immense power of your beliefs which is the main force driving addiction.

You will uncover the beliefs that are keeping you from achieving permanent recovery.

You will finally know the anwswer to that perplexing question - "Why do I keep doing something that is destroying my life?"

More importantly! you are given a powerful method for changing your beliefs which is the key to permanent freedom for people suffering from the devastating effects of addiction, depression, and hopelessness caused by destructive beliefs.

When I was in the downward spiral of my addiction to alcohol people would tell me "Why don't you just quit or stop drinking so much!", "Why don't you get yourself together!" The truth is that I really didn't know why.

When I was stuggling in recovery I was told I needed to turn my will and my life over to God and that I could create my own conception of God. I had no clue about what any of that meant, much less about how to actually do something like that! Worse still, nobody else really did either.

This book does not leave you hanging! You will come away knowing why your will power was to no avail in controlling your addiction and you are given precise instructions on how to make the transition to permanent freedom.

David J Saffold, Author

Becoming the master of your beliefs gives you the power to determine your future.

Becoming the master of your beliefs gives you the power to determine your future.

Becoming the master of your beliefs gives you the power to determine your future.

David J. Saffold

David Saffold is an Author, Professional Life Coach, Pastoral Counselor, and Integrative Healer specializing in helping people overcome negative and destructive core beliefs by creating an authentic and foundational relationship with their personal God and themselves.

His personal experiences with depression, hopelessness, addiction, suicide, and personal failure has given him his purpose and passion for helping people free themselves from the devastating effects of destructive core beliefs. He has spent much of his adult life investigating the phenomenal power of the human belief system and how it works to create our experience of life.

For over 20 years, David Saffold has been helping people free themselves from destructive addictions, achieve career, financial, and life ambitions, and mature in their spirituality and in their relationships with others, themselves, and God.

David lives and works in Nashville, TN USA

*** Rave reviews for A Beginner’s Guide to Perfection ***

blueink professional review says " ... Readers will find, in these pages, inspiration and a usable method for overcoming life’s large issues ...”

What Readers are saying about A Beginner’s Guide to Perfection ...

"I am so excited for my future after reading this book. Yes it is a life changer or for me probably a life saver!"

"The best part is the author teaches you how to change your attitude and beliefs from the negative to the positive. I’m already happier and know it will only get better. This is a book I will be purchasing for all my family and friends."

"This book is a MUST READ, life changing!"

"Change your life, read this book!"

"Mr. Saffold's 'A Beginner's Guide to Perfection' provides the reader with ways to sweep away the stumbling blocks, which we seem to put in our own way, that keep us from achieving the power to live the most satisfactory life possible."

"What I liked most about this wonderful guide is its step by step, organized approach to integrating our physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions to the best advantage."

"This is a book that will come back off the shelf again and again!"

"This was an amazing book! "

"As I was reading this book, I realized how small, insignificant things can affect us our entire life! This book motivates you to let go of those negative beliefs and find the real you! Great read!"

"The book provided a lens with which to see the destructive beliefs and how to look for other paths that challenge and lead away from the same old self-destructive direction. Learn, grow, live..."

"By taking the reader on a very honest journey, his own, Dave reveals the keys to a happy free life."

"Using and demonstrating spiritual scriptures/laws Dave reveals how the reader can move from the past, accept who they are and ultimately move forward in every area of life."

"I highly recommend anyone who wants to grow spiritually, live a free, happy and successful life, to pick up this book."

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What exactly is drug and alcohol addiction? A good definition, for our purposes, is continuously doing an action that is destructive to your life. In this case that action is consuming drugs and alcohol. The addiction to these substances is both physical and psychological. The physical addiction basically derives from our physical body’s need to balance its chemical makeup. When we continuously introduce potent chemicals into our body, it responds by adjusting other chemicals in an effort to re-balance itself. Detoxification is when our bodies are thrown into severe chemical imbalance due to the removal of the potent chemicals from drugs and alcohol. The physical addiction is remedied by stopping the use of drugs and alcohol and letting our chemical structure come to a new chemical balance.

With that said, it is the psychological aspect that is the real problem in drug and alcohol addiction. This is evident because of the fact that most people who have been through detox and rehab eventually return to their addiction. This is very perplexing to the friends and family who have been witness to the devastating effects of addiction in the lives of their friends and loved ones. It is completely understandable when you understand the inner psychological world of the addicted person.

Our inner world is created by our beliefs and the addicted person most likely has a very distorted belief system that makes life feel very threatening. In my book, A Beginner’s Guide To Perfection, I call these beliefs “Destructive Beliefs”. Destructive beliefs are distorted beliefs that contain self-hating definitions of a person. Most of us have some level of destructive beliefs that create problems in our lives. The addict usually has very severe destructive beliefs. By understanding that our beliefs are deep seated emotional constructs that we feel are absolutely true about ourselves, life, other people, and the world, then you can comprehend what the addict is up against in his or her fight for freedom.

People invariably use drugs and alcohol to medicate the emotional pain stemming from the destructive beliefs they hold about themselves. Their destructive beliefs create a world that is filled with threat, fear, and doom lurking around every corner. This pain is all pervasive and makes existence a living hell. The severe pain of life creates a desperate need for relief – a relief that they once felt with drugs and alcohol. However, drugs and alcohol have stopped providing real relief and have started actually increasing the pain by fueling the power of their self-hating destructive beliefs. The addict is caught in an insidious cycle of destroying their lives in the desperate attempt to find relief from the pain that their destructive beliefs are fueling.

Understanding that the pain caused by destructive beliefs is what is causing the addicted person to keep returning to their addiction is the key to understanding how drug and alcohol addiction works. The severe emotional pain of destructive beliefs is also a major contributor to suicide, anxiety, depression. and other major life problems. Thus, the remedy for addiction is to remove the emotional pain of life caused by destructive beliefs. The addicted person has to change his or her beliefs by creating new beliefs that are constructive to life while removing the power of their destructive beliefs. When existence and life feel nonthreatening then a major part of the cause of addiction is gone and permanent recovery is possible.