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The Ocean Of Belief

June 4, 2018 by David Saffold

We are immersed in an ocean of gas surrounding earth called the atmosphere. It sustains our physical life and is so ubiquitous that we give it little notice unless it starts causing harm. For the most part, it stays out of our daily awareness.

The same analogy applies to our beliefs! We are social creatures which means our lives depend on social interaction. Our beliefs are the driving force that creates and perpetuates the social world in which we live. Think of it this way, our personal existence depends on our collective existence which is created and maintained by our beliefs. A nation is just a group of people with similar beliefs. Our economy, government, laws, and the institutions that control our lives are all created and maintained by our beliefs. We are literally immersed in an ocean of belief and, like the earth’s atmosphere, our personal and collective survival is totally dependent upon maintaining this ocean of belief in good order.

Unlike the air we breathe, our beliefs reside within our emotional dimension – our psychology. Unlike the physical dimension of life where action and reaction seem logical and predictable, the emotional dimension is illogical and irrational. The emotional dimension is a place where time is distorted, past, future, and present are intertwined, and monsters and demons coexist with angels and gods. If you doubt this, just go watch the news for a few minutes! The war, murder, school shootings, and terrorist acts can only be explained by the existence of these monsters and demons residing in beliefs of the perpetrators of such horrors. Worse still, our beliefs are deeply submerged below our conscious awareness and so we have very little ability to challenge the veracity of what they are telling us is real and true.

Our beliefs are incredibly powerful! This is so because we will take what they tell us as the absolute truth and reality of life even when what they are telling us is imagined and not really happening. We humans have a knack for applying the feelings and thoughts of past events to current events and judging the current reality according to a distorted conception of a past experience. This explains why people will react so differently when experiencing the same event. When our beliefs become destructive, it will make life feel threatening which causes us to react destructively to events that are, in reality, not threatening or even good for us. Our distorted destructive beliefs are what cause destructive addictions to drugs, alcohol, food, etc., as well as why we stay stuck in life situations that we know are not good for us.

David J Saffold is an Author, Speaker, Coach, Pastoral Counselor, and Minister specializing in helping people change their lives through the power of their beliefs. For a more detailed explanation of how your beliefs create your life read David’s groundbreaking new book A Beginner’s Guide to Perfection.

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