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The Power of Your Beliefs

May 11, 2018 by David Saffold

Your personal core beliefs are the most powerful force in your life. They are the energy that creates the experiences that make up your life. They create the good as well as the bad you experience in your life. They determine what you get in life and what you don’t get in life. Because they are formed early in life you are unaware that it is this incredible power within you that is creating your life.

To truly understand the power of your beliefs you must become aware of how they are working, behind the scenes, to create your experience of life. Your core beliefs are not your conscious thoughts but produce your thoughts. They are deeply embedded within your core energy and create the thoughts and feelings you experience. Because they are a part of your core energy, you cannot change or influence them at the level of your conscious thoughts. This is why people often fail to create desired life changes by using techniques such as “positive thinking”, “talk therapy” and the like.

If you have core beliefs that you are unimportant, not good enough, a bad person, evil, guilty, sinful, ugly, stupid, a failure, unlikeable or ultimately unlovable then you are doomed to perpetually create these experiences in your life. Your beliefs will keep interpreting your life events according to themselves to prove to you that they are absolutely true about who you are. You will react accordingly and take actions and make decisions that align with your beliefs without knowing that you are literally creating your life according to your beliefs.

A client of mine had a belief that she was not very important, aka, not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, etc. She remembered feeling this way from an early age. She had been trying to change her destructive beliefs using positive thinking and claimed she was making some progress using this thought technique. One day, a person at her work got upset with her and threatened to inform her boss that she didn’t have the correct attitude for her job. This experience immediately filled my client with fear and she told me she was going to call her boss and explain the situation. All her progress with “positive thinking” immediately vanished because her deeper core beliefs were triggered and she became filled with threatening feelings and thoughts. These powerful feelings and thoughts drove her actions which was to call her boss and explain the situation before the other person called him and complained about her.

Luckily, she told me about what had happened before she took the actions her beliefs were propelling her to take. This gave me a chance to show her how her negative beliefs were operating in her life. Because my client had been in a hurry, this person didn’t get the amount of attention she wanted from my client. The pain this person felt caused her to lash out at my client with words to the effect that my client was not good enough. My client felt deeply threatened because her intense fear was that her negative beliefs about who she was would be publicly exposed. In essence, this person told my client she was not good enough and my client literally believed her. My client’s desperate reaction to her feelings of threat was to contact her boss and defend herself – tell him she really was good enough for the job. I further explained that contacting her boss would literally create a future situation that would prove her negative beliefs. My client was about to create a problem about herself in her boss’s mind which would lead him to think that maybe she really wasn’t the right person for the job – that she was not good enough. The person that got upset with my client simply threatened to complain to my client’s boss but had not actually done so, and most likely never would. Wow, my client saw firsthand how her beliefs were creating her experiences of life and perpetuating themselves by creating experiences that proved that she truly wasn’t good enough! It wasn’t other people creating her life experiences! She was unknowingly doing it to herself.

To help my client understand how her beliefs were creating her experience of life, I showed her how someone else, who was good enough, would have reacted to the same situation. This person would not have felt threatened and would have shrugged the incident off with a laugh and maybe a thought of “this person is a grouch.” Bringing the incident up with the boss would never have entered his or her mind because there was no need to convince anyone that they were good enough for the job. The point is that my client’s beliefs were creating the life she experienced and was determining what she gets and doesn’t get in life.

Once my client saw how her beliefs were affecting her job she also admitted that it affected other aspects of her life. She was fearful that her fiancée would reject her because she was not good enough. This feeling of threat in her relationship with her fiancée was making her react to him in ways that pushed them apart instead of closer together. Her beliefs were literally working to create rejection!

This experience helped my client see how her negative beliefs about herself were affecting all aspects of her life, financial, relationships, career, emotional and physical health, and spiritual health. She further saw how her beliefs are determining her future by driving her reactions to current life events.

David J Saffold is an Author, Speaker, Coach, Pastoral Counselor, and Minister specializing in helping people change their lives through the power of their beliefs. For a more detailed explanation of the power of your beliefs, see Chapters 1 and 2 in David’s groundbreaking new book A Beginner’s Guide to Perfection.

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