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The Power of Your Personal God

May 25, 2018 by David Saffold

I do not claim to know everything about the existential mysteries of God. However, I do know that we can connect to a source of immense power that we can use to consciously create incredible things in our lives. I call this power, God. We connect to this life altering power that I call God through our beliefs.

Where does the power of God come from? I can’t really say, but I suspect that it is of the infinite universe which is our ultimate creator and parent. If you consider the infinite universe, you must apprehend its infinite power and energy. When we tune our beliefs correctly we open a connection and begin drawing in this immense power and energy. The effect in our lives is immediately palpable. We begin expanding with confidence, courage, creativity, personal power, purpose, compassion, and love. That which we thought was impossible for our lives begins moving into the realm of the possible. That which we don’t like about our lives starts falling away to make room for that which we truly want. Instead of failure, we begin experiencing success in the aspects of our lives that are most important, such as our relationships, finances, business, health, etc.

When I was twenty-five years old, I was at deaths doorstep with severe alcoholism. Life for me had degenerated into intense threat, failure, hopelessness, and doom. All my efforts to break free of my forlorn condition ended in failure. The intense emotional pain of living under such conditions was so unbearable that suicide seemed the only option left. When I created a tiny belief in a personal God, I connected to a power that cured my addiction and began healing my sense of failure and doom. As I expanded my connection with the power of God, my life started prospering accordingly. Things I never imagined started moving into the realm of reality in my life. It was like magic! This might sound absurd to some but it is true. I have also seen it happen with others. I have worked with many people over the past twenty years and have seen how their lives literally blasted off when they made the required adjustments in their beliefs and began tuning into the power of God. I have seen people dying from drug and alcohol addiction restored to life, happiness, and prosperity. I have seen people trapped within a life they don’t want begin creating lives they never imagined could be possible.

How do you connect to the power of God? You have to correctly adjust your beliefs by establishing a belief relationship with an idea of God that is deeply personal. Think of God as your creator/parent and yourself as God’s child. As your parent, God is responsible for nurturing you and helping you grow into your full potential. Let yourself create the type of parent (life nuturor) you would truly want for yourself.

What are the attributes and qualities that you would assign to God? How would God relate to you? Don’t hold back. Let yourself create God according to your deepest desires. You should end up with a wonderfully perfect parent if you do this with absolute freedom. This is how you discover the idea of God already dwelling within you. This personalized idea of God within you is the starting point for re-tuning your beliefs and connecting to the immense power of God.

One way to experience the power of God first hand is to feel the unconditional love you already possess. Close your eyes and be still and quiet. Imagine holding your baby child lovingly in your arms. If you are not a parent, imagine that are and picture yourself holding your own helpless little baby. Imagine your baby looking up at you with trust, dependence, and the joy of knowing that you are providing for his or her life. Feel the intense love you feel for your baby! In this moment, ask yourself what can make you not love your child as much as you do right now? You find that nothing could diminish the infinite love you feel for your child. Nothing your child has done or may do can make you feel less love for your child right now because your love is unconditional. Your unconditional love sees the truth of your child – your child is perfect just as he or she is and always will be!

If you were able feel the unconditional love you have for your own child then you have just experienced a little bit of the immense power of God.

David J Saffold is an Author, Speaker, Coach, Pastoral Counselor, and Minister specializing in helping people change their lives through the power of their beliefs. For a more detailed explanation of connecting to the power of God, see Chapters 4 and 5 in David’s groundbreaking new book A Beginner’s Guide to Perfection.

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